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Welcome to the Grand Decks Showcase – your window into our world of expert deck-building! This page serves as a visual testament to our dedication, expertise, and creativity in creating exceptional outdoor spaces across the Portland Metro Area. Each image will lead you on a journey through our most stunning projects, spotlighting the intricate details, innovative designs, and quality materials that are the hallmark of Grand Decks.

Experience the stunning visual impact of a deck built by Grand Decks! We invite you to immerse yourself in our meticulously curated showcase of our beautifully crafted deck projects. As you look through our portfolio, allow the real-time images to stir your imagination and ignite your inspiration.

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High-Quality Deck With Gorgeous Custom Decking Details

Project Description Experience outdoor living at its finest with this expansive L-shaped, second-story composite deck, featuring elegant black aluminum railings [...]

New Composite Deck With Ambient Recessed Deck Lighting

Project Description Discover the seamless integration of indoor-outdoor living with this elegant 250 sqft raised composite deck, thoughtfully designed to [...]

Deck Inspiration Constructed With Composite & Wood Materials

Project Description This beautiful 600 sqft multi-story deck not only adds a striking visual element to the home but also [...]

Custom IPE Decking Built to Add Elegance to any Yard

Project Description Discover the striking beauty of this IPE deck, featuring built-in benches that provide both form and function. The [...]

Sleek Black Deck Railing Installation for Dramatic Results

Project Description Approx. 400 sqft low-to-the-ground composite decking with striking black aluminum railing decorated with low voltage lights installed on [...]

New Deck with Custom Aluminum Railings & Louvered Roof

Project Description Approximately 200 sqft composite deck, featuring sleek aluminum railing and a state-of-the-art louvered roof. The innovative roof system, [...]

Phenomenal Floating Deck for Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Living

Project Description The approximately 300 sqft deck offers an eye-catching three-tiered staircase, providing easy access from all sides and enhancing [...]

Custom Deck Resurfacing Project with Durable Cedar Planks

Project Description This stunning, approximately 600 sqft, knotty cedar deck renovation. The previous deck was suffering from rot, but our [...]

Striking Stainless Steel Cable Deck Railing on New Deck

Project Description This striking 300 sqft composite deck, meticulously constructed from scratch to meet city permit requirements. The full aluminum [...]

Brand New Composite Deck With Elegant Accent Lighting

Project Description This elegant 300 sqft deck, is masterfully crafted using top-of-the-line Trex composite material. Sleek aluminum railings provide an [...]

Ground Level Deck With Custom Aluminum & Acrylic Patio Cover

Project Description Experience the perfect blend of style and function with this approximately 200 sqft deck, meticulously crafted from top-quality [...]

Over the years, we’ve been the proud architects of an array of mesmerizing deck designs:

  • Ground-level decks, seamlessly blending with their surroundings, creating a unified union with nature.
  • Second-story decks, offering a lofty perch to appreciate expansive views and breezy heights.
  • Multi-level decks, offering a dynamic, three-dimensional space that mirrors the complexities and layers of your lifestyle.
  • Decks crafted from the stunning IPE wood, renowned for its rich hues and impressive durability, reflecting a love for all things natural.
  • Decks constructed with high-quality composite materials, echoing the beauty of wood, while offering the gift of longevity and low maintenance.
  • Aging decks rejuvenated through resurfacing with gorgeous cedar panels, transforming them into pieces of timeless beauty.
  • Custom cable railings, offering a modern, sleek, and open design that does not compromise on safety.
  • Hog-wire railings, a blend of rustic charm and durability for a countryside vibe.
  • Sleek black aluminum railings, adding a dash of modern minimalism and enduring strength to your deck’s aesthetics.
  • Stunning glass railings, creating a virtually invisible barrier, providing unobstructed views and a sense of spaciousness.
  • Tiered staircases, adding a touch of grandeur and easy access to multi-level delights.
  • Angled deck boards, creating unique patterns and perspectives that make your deck stand out.
  • Ambient low-voltage recessed deck lighting, adding a subtle glow that enhances the evening ambiance.
  • Protective patio covers and sun-shades, providing a pleasant respite from the elements while enhancing outdoor enjoyment.
  • Pergolas and Gazebos, creating defined, elegant spaces for outdoor relaxation or entertainment.
  • Custom fences, crafted uniquely for your property, providing privacy, security, and an aesthetic enhancement to your outdoor space.

    Each creation is a testament to our commitment to innovation, quality, and your satisfaction. Over the years, we’ve lent our craftsmanship to hundreds of ventures spanning new decks, deck resurfacing, and fences across the diverse neighborhoods of the Portland Metro Area. If you’re situated in the PMA and are seeking a professional deck builder, Grand Decks embodies the perfect blend of expertise and passion.Our mission transcends simply reimagining your backyard. We aim to revolutionize your lifestyle, facilitating you in hosting cherished gatherings with loved ones, just as you’ve always envisioned. This journey towards transforming your outdoor space begins with a simple, complimentary quotation. We believe in transparency; thus, rest assured, the quoted amount will stand, unwavering, as the final cost upon project completion, guaranteed!  If you reside in any of the vibrant communities within the Portland Metro Area, Grand Decks is here to serve you with unparalleled expertise and a deep-seated passion for quality. Today is the perfect day to embark on the journey towards your dream deck. Reach out to us at Grand Decks to begin crafting your ideal outdoor retreat.

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