Custom Deck Resurfacing Project with Durable Cedar Planks

Project Description

This stunning, approximately 600 sqft, knotty cedar deck renovation. The previous deck was suffering from rot, but our expert team meticulously restored the existing frame, reinforcing its structure before carefully sealing it with protective tape to prevent water damage. The custom railing showcases a harmonious blend of rustic wooden posts and a sleek, modern stainless steel wire top, creating a striking visual impact. With this beautifully upgraded deck, you can confidently entertain and relax in style, knowing that the surface is both aesthetically pleasing and built to last.

For the growing suburban area of Wilsonville, we’ve built practical, family-friendly decks and privacy fences, providing safe and comfortable spaces for families to enjoy. Imagine the transformation of an aging deck, now resurfaced with the unmistakable charm of durable cedar decking. The captivating aroma and eye-catching grain of the cedar immediately add an aura of warmth and natural allure to the outdoor space. The new surface, resilient and radiant, breathes fresh life into the old structure, ensuring it’s prepared to endure countless seasons to come.

Elevating this transformation is the addition of custom cable railings. Their sleek design brings a touch of contemporary elegance to the deck, creating a stunning contrast with the rustic cedar. These railings don’t merely serve as a safety feature; they create an uninterrupted visual flow that opens up the deck to its surroundings, allowing the beauty of the outdoors to become an integral part of the deck’s charm.

Stretching the entire width of the home, this expansive deck offers an impressive stage for social gatherings. It has been reimagined as a generous space where friends and family can come together under the open sky, surrounded by the serenity of nature.

This isn’t just a resurfaced deck; it’s a beautifully revitalized outdoor living area that combines the timeless allure of cedar, the modern sophistication of cable railings, and the irreplaceable joy of shared moments. Its transformation symbolizes a harmonious balance between nature and architecture, past and present, solitude and companionship.

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