Striking Stainless Steel Cable Deck Railing on New Deck

Project Description

This striking 300 sqft composite deck, meticulously constructed from scratch to meet city permit requirements. The full aluminum cable railing system, featuring high-quality stainless steel wires, adds a touch of modern elegance while offering unobstructed views. Transform your outdoor space into an inviting haven where style and durability come together seamlessly, creating an unparalleled experience for you and your guests.

Our projects in Tigard often involve the installation of contemporary deck resurfacing solutions, revitalizing outdoor spaces while reflecting the town’s innovative ethos. Envision this brand-new haven of outdoor tranquility, flawlessly crafted with the finesse of Trex composite decking. This premium material, recognized for its superior quality and lasting resilience, beautifully recreates the warmth and charm of traditional wood, yet promises an extended lifespan and ease of maintenance. The chosen hues of the decking complement the environment, serving as an elegant canvas for your outdoor living space.

Encircling this serene platform are sleek railings, a fusion of stainless steel cables and bold black posts. This innovative design injects a contemporary flair into the deck, their minimalist aesthetic oozing with understated sophistication. But these railings serve a purpose beyond mere aesthetics. Their design is thoughtfully open, allowing unobstructed views of your yard’s natural beauty, ensuring your outdoor experience remains immersive and connected to nature.

This fresh addition to your home is not just a deck—it’s a stylistic statement. It is a testament to the balance of style and substance, blending the durability of high-quality Trex decking, the modern appeal of stainless steel cable railings, and the privilege of unbroken natural views. Your new deck is more than just an extension of your living space; it’s a personal paradise that lets you embrace the outdoors in comfort and style.

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