Brand New Composite Deck With Elegant Accent Lighting

Project Description

This elegant 300 sqft deck, is masterfully crafted using top-of-the-line Trex composite material. Sleek aluminum railings provide an eye-catching definition to the space, while the strategically placed low-voltage lights on the posts and staircase illuminate your evenings with a warm, inviting glow. To ensure your deck stands the test of time, our expert team has integrated a tailored rain escape system that provides unparalleled waterproofing protection. Indulge in luxurious outdoor living, knowing that this exceptional deck is built to endure the elements and keep your space pristine.

With a view to complement Happy Valley’s scenic vistas, we’ve constructed panoramic decks and sturdy fences that offer both functionality and panoramic views. Take a look at this stunning, elevated sanctuary, a second-story deck masterfully crafted to offer an elevated view of your surroundings. 

The foundation of this exquisite outdoor haven is composed of top-tier Trex composite decking, a material renowned for its unparalleled durability and aesthetic appeal. The elegant planks underfoot display a perfect balance between natural beauty and engineered resilience, echoing the texture and warmth of real wood, yet promising low maintenance and enduring longevity.

The deck is safely hugged by sleek aluminum railings, their streamlined design adding a modern flair to the overall structure. The railings don’t merely serve as a safety feature but also as a tasteful addition that enhances the deck’s sophistication. They glitter under the sun by day and gleam under the moonlight by night, reflecting their surroundings with a subdued brilliance.

But what truly sets this deck apart is the thoughtfully integrated accent lighting. Embedded discreetly within the stairway, these lights provide both a practical guide for your nocturnal ventures and an enchanting ambiance that transforms the deck into a dreamy nocturnal retreat. Each step is a softly illuminated stage that ascends to the elevated haven, creating a subtly dramatic effect that is both welcoming and awe-inspiring.

This second-story deck is more than just a functional outdoor space—it’s an exquisite blend of design and craftsmanship, comfort and elegance, day and night, offering an elevated experience in every sense.

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