Deck Inspiration Constructed With Composite & Wood Materials

Project Description

This beautiful 600 sqft multi-story deck not only adds a striking visual element to the home but also provides convenient access to the house from the back side. Custom-designed railing, featuring a wood frame combined with eye-catching black hog wire, ensures both safety and unobstructed views while enhancing the overall aesthetic of this impressive outdoor retreat.

Our craftsmanship in Gresham involves transforming traditional decks through resurfacing and introducing decorative fences that highlight the town’s rich historical charm.

Behold a stunning image of architectural brilliance in the form of this multi-story deck. Each tier of this lofty outdoor haven has been masterfully crafted, blending a careful selection of high-quality composite and premium outdoor wood materials. The exquisite mixture imbues the deck with an air of refinement and durability, creating a harmonious symphony of textures and hues that elevate the essence of outdoor living.

Adding a layer of distinction to this magnificent structure is the incorporation of hog wire railings. These railings, while providing necessary safety, serve as a visual masterpiece, their clean lines and minimalist design adding an air of sophistication that subtly impresses upon the viewer. The blend of structural rigidity and see-through design invites an intimate interaction with the surrounding environment, allowing nature’s beauty to become a part of the deck’s appeal.

Nestled against the challenging topography, the deck doesn’t shy away from the steep terrain but embraces it. Staircases are skillfully integrated into the design, their strategic placement uniting the various levels of the deck and creating a fluid connection to the sides of the house. They serve not only as a functional feature but also as an aesthetic statement, adding dynamism and architectural intrigue to the overall design.

This multi-story deck isn’t just a structure; it’s an inspired work of art that stretches towards the sky. It showcases a fusion of composite and wood, sophistication and practicality, showcasing the limitless possibilities of outdoor living. The deck, with its staircases, gracefully straddles the terrain, melding into the landscape while standing as a testament to innovative design and masterful craftsmanship.

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